Art & Experience: According to the news headquarters of the thirty-second Tehran International Short Film Festival, in the the Fringe part of the Festival, they have provided a section called “Protection” to remember and discuss about Zavan Ghokasian and other artists who died between the years 93 to 94 (2014 to 2015).

Ghokasian who was born in Isfahan in 1329 (1950) was an Iranian film critic and expert, publisher of cinema books and  Soreh and Sepehr Isfahan university lecturer. He died in March 2015 because of cancer.

It should be mentioned that the fringe part of International Short Film Festival is an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences of artists and establish a basis for evaluating the work of short film directors, including special screenings, Tribute, reviewing the works and video art section and specialized meetings. The thirty-second Tehran International Short Film Festival will be held in Chaharso cinema complex from 11 to 17 November.