Art & Experience: In an special ceremony and with screening the “Snake oil” movie, the last work of Alireza Davoodnejad, Zahedan officially will be added to the cities which will screen Art & Experience movies.

According to public relations of Art & Experience Group, Eshragh Cinema in Zahedan is the newest cinema hall that has been added to this group and the opening of this cinema hall for screening the Art & Experience movies in Zahedan will be held with the attendance of Alireza Davoodnejad, the director of Snake Oil and Amirhossein Alamolhoda, the manager of Art & Experience Group, Meysam Mezlaghani, the manager of Art & Experience distribution, Shahin Amin, the cinema critic and Art & Experience’s site manager.

The opening will be held on Wednesday of 11th November at 5 PM in Eshragh cinema.

Zahedan, after Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Gorgan and Ahwaz is the newest city that has been added for screening Art & Experience movies.