Art and Experience: The International Film Festival for Children and Youth (IFFCY) in Isfahan has called on Iranian young adults living outside the country to take part in the fourth edition of the Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran.

Interested youths aged 12 to 17 can take part in the program and submit their 5-minute short films to the festival, the organizers said in a press release published on Tuesday.

The wishes of the youth about the future of the country, city or family, their experiences about famous books and famous films, their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic and coronavirus as a threat or an opportunity are among the main topics for the short films.

Youth are asked to submit their films to the organizers before October 1.

The Olympiad is part of a program arranged every year on the sidelines of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

The organizers have announced that so far over 550 works in the two sections of idea and film have been submitted to the festival by youth from different cities.

The fourth edition of the Olympiad has been launched by the Farabi Cinema Foundation and the Iranian Youth Cinema Society in collaboration with the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

The 33rd edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth will be held online from October 18 to 22 this year due to a spike in coronavirus cases in the country.

According to the director of the festival, Alireza Tabesh, this edition of the festival will be held in two sections: national and international. The films will be screened at the specified time, and only those who have registered on the portal of the festival can watch the films online.

“The variety of national and international films is extremely high. The only point is about several feature films in the national and international sections, which we guess might be pirated, but for sure the screenings will be coordinated under the supervision of the producers and the filmmakers,” he had explained.

Source: Tehrantimes