Art and Experience: Iranian movie ‘Yellow’ reached a total sale of 50 billion Rials at the Iranian box office this week.

Directed by Mostafa Taghizadeh, the movie has so far become one of the top Iranian social films in 2017.

Also written by Taqizadeh and produced by Kamran Majidi, ‘Yellow’ is a drama about people’s relations, goals and their achievements.

Taqizadeh’s debut tells the story of four young Iranians Nahal, Hamed, Faramarz, and Nicki who are the members of a scientific genius team trying to immigrate from Iran to Europe.

Three days before their journey to Italy, Hamed exhausts because of his unknown illness and it shocks the team tremendously. The crisis reveals layers of each of the four in the past and present, and leads to new decision-making and judgment.

The film poses a question: what each of us would do and choose if we were in the Iranian scientists’ place?

It features popular Iranian actors such as Bahram Radan, Sareh Bayat, Mehrdad Seddiqian, Bahareh Kianafshar, Shahram Haqiqatdoust, Alireza Ostadi, Hossein Mehri, Anahita Dargahi, Morteza Taqizadeh, Amir-Ali Nabavian and Ali Salehi.

The movie has received the awards for best director and best actress at the 20th edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival in China and the awards for best picture as well as best script at the third edition of the “Bridge of Arts” International Motivational Film Festival in Russia.

Source: ifilmtv