Art and Experience: Tehran Municipality’s District 12 has announced that the house of Iranian children’s book writer Hushang Moradi Kermani will be converted into a story house.

The house, in which the writer lived for over 20 years, is located on Javidi Street near the Mirza Mahmud Passage, a historical alley in the Sar Cheshmeh neighborhood.

The writer’s three children were born in this house and a number of his books, including “The Stories of Majid”, were also created in this house.

“Most of my books were written in this house. The officials have promised to preserve the house. This house was built about 80 years ago,” Moradi Kermani said earlier.

“Most of my writing career was spent at this house. I have a cousin who tells me here is where Majid was born and grew up,” he added.

“This house is supposed to act like a library and a story house. I think the Municipality’s District 12 has done a great job. They have tried to preserve the house while as I’m still alive. The district is an old one in the city, and many famous characters such as filmmaker Masud Kimiai, actor Dauvd Rashidi and Nosrat Karimi were living there,” he noted.

The 75-year-old Moradi Kermani is mostly known as a children’s writer, but his works also appeal to adults.

He is the author of numerous bestsellers such as “You’re No Stranger Here” and “A Sweet Jam”. Most of his works have been translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish and several other languages.

“The Stories of Majid” tells the story of an ambitious teenage boy, Majid, who lives with his grandma Bibi in the central Iranian city of Isfahan.

Iranian filmmaker Kiumars Purahmad directed a TV-series of the same title based on the book during the 1990s. The serial gained popularity among the audience and film critics.

Source: Tehrantimes