Art and Experience: Film distributors and executives of several international festivals of documentary cinema are scheduled to attend the market of the 10th Cinema Verite, Iran’s major international festival for documentary cinema, which will open in Tehran next week.

The market will be held on the sidelines of the festival at Charsu Cineplex from December 7 to 9, Mohammad–Mehdi Tabatabainejad, the director of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, which is the organizer of the event, said during a press conference on Saturday.

The delegate of the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, Giona A. Nazzaro, French film producer Etienne Ricard and Thom Powers, the artistic director of the DOC NYC, who is also the programmer of the Toronto International Film Festival are among the invitees.

The artistic director of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Dimitri Kerkinos, the director of the Asiatica Film Mediale, Italo Spinelli, and the program director of the Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Wood Lin, are also among the guests.

In addition, several meetings will be organized by the guests during the film market.

The 10th Cinema Verite will be held from December 4 to 11.