Art and Experience: Woody Allen is making a television series for the first time for Amazon and he will select the cast in front of camera in time.

In the new series by New York filmmaker, young American singer Miley Cyrus and Elaine May will also play a role. Allen had worked with May before in “Small Time Crooks” but this will be his first work with Cyrus who didnt have an appearance on TV after “Hannah Montana” in 2011.

The story of this series which it hasnt a selected name yet, happens in 1960 and played in six half-hour episodes and it will begin filming in March of this year. In May 2015 Alan announced his regret for accepting this project from Amazon: “It is very difficult for me. I trust his soul and thought it would make my films with the difference that a movie like six episode. But it went a different way. ”

The last screened film of Allen, who is about 40 years, Sally makes a movie, “Adam unreasonable” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone was screened on 17 July 2015 (26 July) in America.