Art and Experience: It must to have balance between complication and relativity in morality while the multifold and sometimes paradoxical situation makes the judgment hard about others. Babak Bahram Baygi has tried to dramatize and show this moral issue in “A Long Day” by setting people in paradoxical situations. Maybe cinema is the only or at least the best device which can make this issue understandable with leaning to its visual nature and showing complicated and relative moral situations also profiting its dramatic identity. In fact, functions of showing some issues can change abstract and difficult philosophical issues to tangible and understandable situations. In “A Long Day” characters draw complications of moral situations in routine life in accidental facing with each other but at least Ali (Reza Behboudi) the tired and sad hero of the film understands these complications and we see feeling of tiredness in his behavior and style which comes from kind of insolvency of moral paradoxes because of years being far from Iran and not knowing about some changes in the country and society. In a sequence, Niloufar tells Ali “Here everything is being changed fast”, it seems that Ali is completely confused of all these paradoxical changes; because some people not only have been changed but also misused of some social changes. the synopsis of the film tells: “Time change people but keep their image fixed.” Nothing is more suffering than the contrast between changes of people and stability of memory. It seems that Ali’s personality is stable which is not far from his character whose interested in painting and introverting due to that. Now he is confront of a shaking and changing society that was far from it for many years and it is obvious that he suffers from this morale. “A Long Day” is full of moral and psychological implications which can be found in characters also their individual identities. On the other hand, without moral judgment about characters of the story, relative situation of moral in the human world is shaped truly and based on dram characteristics which comes from some social forces. It means that behaviors of people is not just based on their individual decisions but many times it comes from a bigger discourse which is the society they live in.