Art and Experience: “We Will Say Amen” directed by Saman Salour will be on screen of Art and Experience after 5 years.

According to public relations of Art and Experience, screening of this film will start from 12 February. “We Will Say Amen” is the fourth work of Saman Salour who has directed feature films like “Residents of Silence Land,” “A Few kilos of Date for A Funeral,” “Lonely Tune of Tehran,” “Thirteen 59″ and “Tameshk” (Raspberry). In a harsh and mountainous geography there is a station called “Tang Haft”. The destruction and reconstruction process of a bridge takes one week in which “Hasan” is responsible for transportation of people with a cabin-like device called “Gorgor” over a roaring and wide river. This responsibility becomes an opportunity for Hasan to know people, love, fellowship and their concerns better. Cast members are Farzad Hassani, Alireza Mehran, Azadeh Zarei, Mahmoud Nazaralyan, Sanaz Asadi, Hamid Habibi Far, Misa Moulavi. Director of Photography is Masood Salami and film was filmed in Lorestan and Khozestan in “Tang Haft”.