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Stating that the world ahead is the “online world”, Media Expert and Journalist Mohaddeseh Vaezi said that undoubtedly, the coronavirus era will be over, but its impact on life and social relationships will remain.

The ups and downs of holding film festivals in the past year show that we are entering a world with new relationships.

For those of us who started journalism in the past two decades and saw the boom of print media, it was difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of virtual media, news agencies, and websites. But it happened so seriously and quickly that it kept us in synchronize. These days, although we are still interested in reading and even working in specialized newspapers and magazines, and reading the article on paper is fascinating and nostalgic for us, we have accepted that the era of that kind of information is over. Journalism has entered a new era and many journalists have adapted to it.

Journalism did not disappear, it peeled off and moved on. The new generation may not have the experience of being in an editorial office, but they have mastered and mastered another form of journalism. The older generation also learned overtime to bring their knowledge, experience and interests to new heights.
In the last year, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many cultural and artistic events have changed. Some festivals were cancelled and some went online. The life and manner of holding film festivals as the most important cultural and artistic events in Iran have been important since the outbreak of coronation disrupted social life. Several Iranian film festivals including Short Films, Resistance, Children and Youth end even the Cinema Verite chose a new method and held some of their events online. For sure, the experiences and achievements are different and can be examined.

But the important thing is that there is no escape from the online world, just as there is no escape from online journalism and online platforms. Going back to the days of paper newspapers is difficult, and many people around the world want to read the news and hear about events on social media, websites, and cyberspace.

Holding festivals during the pandemic is totally different experience. For sure, the pleasure of watching the movies in sliver screens accompanied by a crowded hall will definitely not be forgotten. But watching movies online is a possibility that is more in line with the characteristics of today’s life. In the new world, the possibilities must be fair and extensive. Holding festival virtually will pave the way for more audiences to watch the works.

The world ahead is the “online world”. Undoubtedly, the coronavirus era will be over, but its impact on life and social relationships will remain. An era will begin when human beings will be able to deal with major crises similar to those of Coronavirus. It seems that in this period, with less communication or restriction of some social behaviors, the experience of using the internet will be more and more serious.

Journalism has gone through a difficult period of transition from the traditional stage to internet platforms. Now it seems that it is the turn of festivals and cultural and cinematic events to get used to new ways.

Source: Mehrnews