Art and Experience: Miguel Castro Mendes; the deputy ambassador and charge d’affaires of the Portuguese embassy in Tehran talked about Corona quarantine period and the need for continued cultural cooperation between Iran and Portugal and the holding of the fourth European Film Week in an exclusive video for Art and Experience.

“Like all of you I have been spending a lot of time at home in the last few months, and in this time books, films, music, in a word culture, have been a source of comfort in this strange and lonley times that we are living. Right now as we know many many economic sectors have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak, and perhaps no sector have been more effected than the cultural sector.” he said.

“In my country, Portugal, many artists are facing many difficult situations because their performances and exhibitions have been canceled because of Corona,” he said, emphasizing the need to follow health protocols. “That’s why our government is working on programs and ideas to support the cultural sector to go through this crisis. “

“I think the best way to support artists and cultural sectors is to enjoy and consume the arts and their products,” Mendes said. “This is why we’re at the Portuguese Embassy, ​​along with other European embassies and our partners; in Art and Experience Cinema Institute working very hard to ensure that we can still organize the fourth edition of the European Film Week in Iran. The event was originally scheduled to take place next month in June, but unfortunately should be postponed due to current conditions, but we are working hard with Art and Experience to organize it before the end of the year and through this video we invite you to attend this event and enjoy some of the best works of European cinema. On behalf of the Portuguese Embassy, ​​we really want to be with you and enjoy a small part of Portuguese cinema,” Mendes concluded. “So I hope to see you there.”