Art and ExperienceFirst image of new cinematic flick ‘Watching this Film is a Crime’ has been unveiled featuring ifilm star Linda Kiani.

The film that has been selected to compete at the New Look section of the 37th Fajr film Festival is directed by Reza Zehtabchian.

Linda Kiani has shared the image on her social media page and has captioned it saying, “I remember nothing of that cursed night and after that a mist floated before my eyes. Something was being killed in me that I was preparing to love it… a sense of sever and suffocating terror like ‘Watching this Film is a Crime’.”

Born in 1980, Kiani is an Iranian television and cinema actress. Her debut drama being ‘Hourglass’, she has appeared in various ifilm series such as ‘The Cloudy Years’, ‘Mehrabad’, ‘On Call for the Heart’ and ‘Until Being with Sorayya’. She is also currently with us in ‘Day of Envy’.

‘Watching this Film is a Crime’ is a political movie that goes around a hostage-taking story.

A brief synopsis of the film reads, “I just wanted a 5-minute- footage so that I could defend my wife and daughter later. But, they didn’t let me… the siren is getting closer… they’re rushing here now in numbers.”

Source: ifilmtv