Art and ExperienceIran’s animated short film ‘Watch me’, directed by Reza Mehranfar, has been selected to take part at the 11th Tehran International Animation Festival (TIAF).

“A boy lives in a world of anxiety and fear; fear which is meaningless to others and is therefore ignored. Normal life goes on, but all he experiences is darkness and loneliness,” a plot summary for ‘Watch me’ reads.

Mehranfar said his motive behind making the film is that “The elders most of the times forget that the world of children and their perception completely differ from people with our experience.”

He said the animation aims to show that ignoring the world of the children could have serious and irreversible effects on the psyche of the child.

The film has also been selected for screening at the International Film Festival on Disability in France and the Oxford Film Festival in the US next month.

The 11th edition of the TIAF will be held on March 3-7 in the capital Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv