Art and Experience: Iranian documentary ‘Warp Winding’ directed by Ahmad Seyyed-Keshmiri was nominated at the international famous awards ceremony at NICE Film Festival in France.

Produced by Afsaneh Heidari, short documentary Warp Winding has been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Documentary Award at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in the southern French city of Nice.

Warp Winding is epic of men and women who could discover their own diseases, weaknesses and inner complexes; epic of people who could get rid of sloughy life based on corrupted customs and traditions, and like a brave hero, was able to fight against the wicked devil inside their own turbulent souls.

Held just a few days before the Cannes International Film Festival in May, the event is one of the greatest festivals in the world to help filmmakers find a market to support their aims with people attending that can give good solid advice to work with established film industry professionals.

The festival is scheduled for May 7-13.