Art and ExperienceIn her latest interview, Fariba Tavakkoli producer of ‘Warm Dust’, reported that the series which began shooting in early October in Kerman province is 40 percent complete.

The producer talked about their various shooting locations in Kerman province stating that they are currently hard at work in the ancient Arg-e Bam, the largest adobe building in the world, with plans to shoot in other locations in Kerman City, Bam, Rayen, and Fahraj, all within the next four months.

According to Tavakkoli, the series ‘Warm Dust’ is in essence a story with a national identity and cultural heritage theme, with a focus on presenting a unique portrayal of Kerman’s cities.

The plot begins when a man named Boroumand and his wife Homa are invited to oversee an archaeological site. In this path, they discover a highly sensitive and strategic area from a historical perspective, leading them into an adventure.

The series features a talented cast including: Behzad Farahani, Danial Hakimi, Fereshteh Sarabandi, and Bahram Ebrahimi.

Source: ifilmtv