Art and Experience: Veteran actor Sirous Ebrahimzadeh has set to hold a charity stage reading for victims of the Kermanshah quake.

The artist will stage ‘Gosforth’s Fete’, a short play by prolific English playwright and director Alan Ayckbourn.

The program is set for three days to help the victims of the 7.3 magnitude quake that struck the western province of Kermanshah and regions bordering Iraq on November 12 claiming more than 500 lives.

No price has been set for the tickets which are to be sold at the venue before the performance begins and all the proceeds of the event will go to the earthquake victims.

Translated and directed by Ebrahimzadeh, the 60-minute play is about a fete in a village organized by a man named Gosforth. Despite the normal beginning, it develops into chaos and the play climaxes into a full-fledged disaster when everything goes wrong.

The roles will be read by Farzaneh Neshatkhah, Mahmoud Akbar-Shahi, Hamidreza Hayat and Fatemeh Arab-Kiani.

The Institute of Veteran Artists in Tehran will host the performance on January 11-13.

Born in 1937, Ebrahimzadeh earned his BA degree in English Literature at Tehran University before traveling to the UK for further studies in theater.

He started his professional career in 1967 with producing TV and Radio programs and made his cinematic debut in 1970.

His movie debut was ‘Hassan, the Bald’ in 1970 which was directed by the late Ali Hatami.

Throughout his life-long career, Ebrahimzadeh has taken roles in numerous plays, movies and series performing in different genres from comedy to historical.

Some of his series include ‘Grandmother’s Galoshes’, ‘A Place of Love’, ‘Third Sense’, ‘The Chef’, and ‘Medical Building’.

He has also appeared in ‘Mummy 3’, ‘The Visitor of Rey’, ‘Candle in the Wind’, ‘Max’, ‘The Wedding Dinner’, ‘Souvenir from Abroad’, and ‘Orange Taxicab’.

Source: ifilmtv