Art and ExperienceVeteran actor Daryoush Asadzadeh has asked his fans for prayers as his health is so poor.

“I am not in good physical condition,” Asadzadeh said in a message to the Iranian people.

Noting that he has always been proud of his profession, Asadzadeh said he is currently unable to take part in new projects due to his ill health and “this annoys me”.

He asked his fans to pray for him to return to acting.

The cinema, television and theater actor is currently recovering at home after undergoing a difficult surgery.

Asadzadeh was born on November 23, 1923 in Kermanshah Province.

He has appeared in many movies, including ‘Spouse’ (1993), ‘Scent of Camphor; Fragrance of Jasmine’ (1993), ‘This is not a Love Song’ (2005), ‘Music Box’ (2007), ‘Resident of the Wooden Cottage’ (2012), ‘Hello Grandfather’ (2014) and ‘Orphanages of Tehran’ (2014).

Asadzadeh has also taken part in television series such as ‘The Green House’ (1996), ‘The Friendship Agency’ (1996-1999), ‘Days of Youth’ (1998), ‘Dark Intelligence’ (2009), ‘Suitcase’ (2011), ‘Special Guest’ (2011), ‘39 Weeks’ (2014) and ‘Huge Problems 2’ (2015).

ifilm wishes the veteran actor a speedy recovery.

Source: ifilmtv