Art and ExperienceMehdi Sahebi’s latest cinematic flick ‘Veronica’s Nights’ has been set to launch shooting stage.

The film which is to be captured in Iran, Lebanon and France is scheduled to start shooting phase today May 25. The first location of the flick is to be the Iranian city of Khuzestan.

The crew will then move to Tehran to capture the second part of the project. The rest of the shooting locations will be in France and Lebanon as it is planned.

The parts of the film which are about the Arba’een pilgrimage have been already filmed in Iraq.

Mehdi Sahebi, the director of the film, is also the screenwriter of ‘Veronica’s Nights’.

According to a media report, while the cast members have not been announced yet, the film will enjoy both Iranian and French actors.

Source: ifilmtv