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The Venice Film Festival is getting in gear to celebrate its 90th anniversary with an international conference to be held in Venice in July.

The Biennale, which is the fest’s parent organization, has announced it will hold a confab on July 9 in Venice in the library auditorium of the Biennale foundation’s archives. It will be attended by an as-yet unspecified plethora of international film academics, critics, and also film directors and talents, to commemorate the advent of the world’s oldest film fest.

The First Exposition of Cinematic Art — later to be known as the Mostra del Cinema in Italy and the Venice Film Festival globally — opened on Aug. 6, 1932 on the terrace of the Lido’s Excelsior Hotel under the auspices of Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata; sculptor Antonio Maraini; and the fest’s first director, Luciano de Feo.


The Venice fest confab will open with the presentation of a book titled “History of the Venice International Film Festival” by eminent Italian film historian Gian Piero Brunetta. The English version of this tome will be presented during the fest’s 90th edition that will run on the Lido Aug. 31-Sept. 10.

The confab’s afternoon session will be dedicated to “live voices” of some of the event’s “most authoritative protagonists” with personal accounts, recollections, and anecdotes that “will compose a mosaic of memories no less significant for the reconstruction of the glorious adventure that is the Venice Film Festival,” a Biennale statement said.

The July 9 conference will wrap with the screening of a film that was included in the line-up of the fest’s first edition in 1932.

Furthermore, the Biennale’s Venice headquarters, called Ca’ Giustinian, will be hosting a temporary exhibition dedicated to the fest’s first edition that will be open to the public starting in July and will run throughout the fest’s 90th edition, consisting primarily of materials from the Biennale’s archives.

Venice is expected to announce the lineup of its 90th edition on July 27.

Source: Variety