Art and ExperienceIran’s award-winning animated film ‘Alphabet’, directed by Kianoush Abedi, has been set to go on screen in North Dakota, the US.

The film will be screened at an interdisciplinary event exploring Human Rights called the Seven, hosted by the Human Family and the Memorial Union Gallery.

Produced by Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center, the 6-minute animated piece depicts a nation that has forgotten the alphabet of living. They cannot see, hear, or speak, but the words are waiting for them eagerly.

‘Alphabet’ has managed to grab awards at several international film events, including Best Animation Award at the 8th International Film Fest educational and spiritual film in Spain, Best Animation Award at the Artists Forum Festival of The Moving Image in the US, the best short film award at the 5th Sayulita Film Festival in Mexico, and the Best Experimental and Animation award at the 6th Speechless Film Festival in the US.

It has also been honored at some global events, including the 15th Southside Film Festival in the US, the 5th Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon, the 7th Nebrodi Film Festival in Italy, the 4th Muestra Movimiento International Film Festival in Mexico, the 4th Miami Widescreen Film Festival in the US, and the 11th Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco, the US.

The first annual Seven event will be held on Thursday at The Century Theater in North Dakota State University’s Memorial Union.

“The Seven is an interactive human rights experience. This event is the first of many independently organized events aimed at empowering individuals to discuss and learn about what it means to organize, advocate for and influence positive change in their community,” according to the website of the Human Family, a non-partisan organization.

Source: ifilmtv