Art and ExperienceIranian short animation ‘Alphabet’ directed by Kianoush Abedi will be screened in the 8th Queens World Film Festival in New York, US.

The 6-minute animated piece ‘Alphabet’, directed by Kianoush Abedi, narrates the story of people who have forgotten life and are separated from knowledge and truth. The animation depicts a nation that has forgotten the alphabet to life, cannot see, cannot hear, and cannot speak, but the words are waiting for them impatiently.

Each year the festival has a very robust submission session, with films coming from all over the world, 63 nations to date, including Cuba, France, Spain, Serbia, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Italy, the Ukraine, Iran, Scotland, Belgium, Finland and the UK to name a few.

The 8th Queens World Film Festival will be running from March 15th to 25th in New York, US.

Source: Mehrnews