Art and Experience: Asghar Abbasi’s short films ‘Setin’ and ‘Bells’ will take part at the 5th edition of MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival in the US.

‘Setin’ is about an old love and a deep divide within a family. Where love overcomes the gap and prevents a separation. However, drugs can topple every home!

Synopsis to the ‘Bells’ reads, “Take the bells seriously!”

“We made this movie at home during quarantine (because of Coronavirus) without any facilities or costs. We believe that cinema needs a new creativity and thought,” said Asghari about ‘Bells’.

Abbasi has made more than 20 documentaries and short films; and ‘Setin’ is the director’s debut feature which brought him multiple awards at some domestic film festivals.

MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival (MANWTFFF) is organized and supported by the MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION, a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to support original content from artists and creators from around the world in art, music, cinema, and television.
MANWTFFF has been running for over 4 years under the name North America Teaser Future Film Festival aka NATFFF. In this 5th year edition of 2020, because of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Festival is changing its name to MANWTFFF, breaking the borders to make a unified community with filmmakers from around the world.

The event will be held in September in California, the US.

Source: Mehrnews