Art and Experience:  ranian short film ‘With Me’ has gone on the silver screen at the 12th San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) in the US.

Directed by Azadeh Qochaq, the flick, which is one with no dialog, narrates the story of a girl who escapes her past in failure.

Filmed partly in a car cemetery and the rest in a house, the cast includes Negin Motazedi, Ali Maqsoudi, and a child actress, Mahta Seyyedian.

It has already competed at the 3rd Santa Cruz International Film Festival in Argentina and three festivals in the US, including the 5th Derby Film Festival, the 9th Cinequest film festival and the BrainWash Movie festival.

“With the abundance of filmmakers in the world, but a relative lack of screening opportunities, we are proud to feature a selection of international and domestic films that will bring filmmakers from around the world to San Francisco to celebrate the power of cinema and art,” a page on the SFFFF official website wrote.

In addition to the annual international film festival, the SFFFF Youth Program is specifically focused on demonstrating to underserved youth that existing pathways do exist to help them find a career in the film arts.

The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival is being held every summer. The 2018 edition of the SFFFF was held on July 18-22 in the US.

Source: ifilmtv