Art and ExperienceIran film ‘Hunting Season’ has been scheduled to go on the silver screen at the 11th edition of Iranian Film Festival–San Francisco in the US.

Directed by Daryush Yari, the flick is to attend the competition section of the American film event.

At the same time,  the international poster for ‘Hunting Season’ has been published.

The movie’s cast list includes Mehran Ahmadi, Hamed Komeili, Mahya Dehqani, Reza Akhlaqi-rad, Nasrin Babaei, and Majid Potki.

“Rana is about to go abroad to play in a concert, but she has to come back to her hometown to save her daughter,” a short synopsis of the flick reads.

Iranian Film Festival (IFF), the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran launched in 2008, is an annual event showcasing independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world.

IFF is also a platform for the Iranian filmmakers living around the globe to express their vision and talent through the artistic medium of film.

Source: ifilmtv