Art and Experience: Nearly 750 foreign films have been submitted to the upcoming International Urban Film Festival in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Foreign participants in the festival come from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Austria.

The 6th International Urban Film Festival is organized by the Art and Culture Organization (ACO) of Tehran Municipality and will run from August 1-5.

The festival’s film categories include Iranian Cinema (competition), International Cinema (competition) and Neighborhood section.

The National cinema category introduces drama, documentaries and animations on themes such as civil rights and duties, cultural changes, nostalgia and urban identity, green space, public participation to solve problems collectively, and urban studies on Tehran.

The International category includes films that promote the exchange of ideas between different cities in the world.

The neighborhood section will focus on creative works that represent special characteristics of Iranian cities.

Another section, ‘Sideline’, will provide a platform for sharing ideas and experience between Iranian and foreign artists.

The International Urban Film Festival’s main focus is on the significance of city and urbanism in human life.

The event also seeks to promote empathy and moral values in cinematic works and offers a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences among the cities of the world.

The jury of the festival will soon start selecting films from among the submitted works.