Art and Experience:

Feature film ‘Untimely’ directed by Iranian filmmaker Pouya Eshtehardi will go on screen in Vancouver’s Cinematheque for three days in November.

Produced by Mohammad Sajadian and directed by Pouya Eshtehardi, ‘Untimely’ will be screened in the Cinematheque based in Vancouver, British Columbia on 17,21, and 22 November.

‘Untimely’ narrates the story of a young private, Hamin, doing his military service in a watchtower in the borderline of Iran and Pakistan. Up in the watchtower, Hamin reviews the past years and the things that happened to him and his sister since their childhood.

The cast includes Iman Afshar, Shayan Afshar, Ayyoub Afshar, Mahsa Narouee, Ava Azarpira, and Mollabakhsh Raeesi among others.

Source: Mehrnews