Art and Experience: “The Hose” and “A Few Knots Away”, two short films by Iranian director Mansur Foruzesh, will go on screen at the University of Warsaw in Poland on June 16.

The film screening is part of the International Interdisciplinary Boredom Conference organized by the university.

“The Hose” tells the story of Mr. Nobari, a school teacher who decides to change his teaching method. It is a tough decision for Nobari to make since he loves punishing and his old hose.

“A Few Knots Away” is about the people who seek to flee from a nowhere island because of a difficult situation.

A number of famous scholars coming from different countries are due to deliver lectures on boredom and the philosophy of boredom during the two-day conference.

The conference encourages scientists, especially the young ones, to include boredom in their interests and implementing interdisciplinary boredom studies to create space for creative discussions.