Art and Experience: Twenty-four Iranian short, documentary and animated films will go on screen during a program at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark on September 1, Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) announced on Sunday.

“Ascribed Achievements” by Samaneh Shojaei, “Mannequins of Qale Hasankhan” by Saam Kalantari, “Darkened Water” by Alireza Dehqan, “New Wave” by Ahmad Talebi Nejad, “Three Women” by Mostafa Emami and “The Servant” by Farnush Abedi are among the films.

Director Farnush Abedi’s acclaimed animation “The Servant” will also be reviewed during the program. The film is also competing in the Odense International Film Festival now underway in the Danish city.

The animated film is about a servant who becomes a master and a bug becomes his servant. After a while, the man understands that he has begun a game that has no rules.

The festival, which is one of Denmark’s oldest short film festivals, will come to an end on September 3.

Source: Tehran times