Art and Experience-Alireza Naraghi: The Butterfly Is Slept Has Attractive Idea of Confession But It Remains Stammerer The idea of confession which its modern and humanistic shape of it has transmitted from the holy place to the psychological chair is an absorbing stuff for creating dramatic situations. Many times, the idea was used as a part of complication about the complexes of the character or relief of a persona but with all of these repetition, the situation of confessing has still potential while the director couldn’t use it in the best way. Maybe the director chose the confession idea because this idea can be so communicative but it seems that it is not enough for making a complete film or effective one. Mazdak Mirabedini has known it too, so he added extra dramatic element to his film. However, it is obvious that the filmmaker was the captive of the idea of confession and self-expression. A psychotherapist sees clients every three month and chooses one of them. Now we see one of his sessions, which must be unique. This selection and separating the sickest one or someone who is mostly needy the therapy could enter the drama to the film. The Butterfly Is Slept tries to achieve a cinematic expression with using some abstract images also with audial designing beside talks of doctor with his clients that help to present the chaos in the minds of people. His film is static it means the event of having dialogue between people and the doctor is an stationary process which focuses on the inner movements of plans to reveal the characters but with some gaps between these dialogues he tries to transmit his work from silence to a tension which is the presentation of the inner tension of people. After that, all the clients talked with doctor it is time for selection and now those abstract images and people reach together. Each of them has a room in the mind of Dr. Gouya and their words be repeated. Now, it seems that the selection is difficult for the doctor but why? This is the exact question that the film doesn’t respond to it, at least an acceptable reply, so, the dramatic element of the film means what is completed the raw idea of confession remains incomplete and unable. In this point, the fascinating point of the director and his attempts for making atmosphere gets to the dead-end