Art and Experience: Iranian short film ‘Umbra’ and feature ‘Are You volleyball?!’ will be screened at Batumi International Art House Film Festival.

Directed by Saeed Jafarian and produced by Rambod Javan, ‘Umbra’ is about a young woman who realizes a few minutes after midnight that her partner has gone missing. Worried, she goes out to seek her partner in the darkness of the streets.

‘Are You Volleyball?!’ by Mohammad Bakhshi narrates the story of a group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers who arrive in an English-spoken country border and can’t keep going. They come into conflict with border soldiers every day until a deaf-mute child becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.

The mission of BIAFF is to be an international event designed to enhance cultural exchange, understanding, and collaboration through the screening of new art house-house and non-commercial films from Georgia and abroad. The event provides an opportunity for well known film makers, producers and film critics to meet and share their expertise and works with other people in their respective fields and gives  local cinema lovers and other individuals a better understanding of the industry and it’s people through retrospectives. BIAFF is also focused on providing a quality educational opportunity for those people interested in film and cinematography.

Source: Mehrnews