Art and Experience: Several U.S. cities will be screening the documentary “Plane Grove” about the story of Tehran’s longest street on June 7.

This is part of the program of Docunight, an initiative started in 2014 by Ahmad Kiarostami, the son of world-famous filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, to teach about Iran through documentaries.

Docunight screenings take place monthly in several major cities in North America, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, San Diego and Washington.

“Plane Grove” tells the story of the longest street in the Middle East that expands 17 kilometers from the southern to the northern parts of Tehran. This is also the largest plane grove found in these parts, with the plane trees lining and adorning the street all along its corridor.

The street has had its name changed in line with the times, from Pahlavi to Mossadeq to the current Vali-e Asr.