Art and ExperienceIranian films ‘Breath’ and ‘Inversion’ have been awarded at the 3rd edition of the Iranian Film festival Zurich in Switzerland.

‘Inversion’ by Behnam Behzadi has won the Best Title Award while ‘Breath’ by Narges Abyar nabbed the Audience Award at the Swiss festival.

‘Inversion’ is a quietly dramatic tale of a woman in Tehran who decides to take charge and find ways to better express herself in the smog-teeming metropolis.

Meanwhile, the story of ‘Breath’ begins in the late 1970s in the suburb of Karaj, where Bahar, Nader, Kamal and Maryam live with numerous colorful dreams of their childhood along with their father and granny.

The father, who suffers from asthma, works for a shoemaking company. In her dreams, Bahar, who narrates the story of the film, wishes to treat him when she becomes a doctor.

The 2017 edition of the Iranian Film Festival was dedicated to films on issues of immigration, integration, and matters related to women in Iran and around the globe such as honor, solitude, sacrifice, and love.

In addition, the festival has presented outstanding films made between 2015 and 2017 about Iran or by Iranian filmmakers about other countries.

The Iranian Film Festival Zurich is organized to fill the cultural gap between Iranians and the Swiss as well as the many foreigners living in Switzerland.

Each year the festival presents the Swiss audience with a selection of the best contemporary feature films, documentaries and shorts from all generations of Iranian filmmakers in Zürich.

The event was organized from June 1-7, 2017.