Art and Experience: “Two” directed by Soheila Golestani was accepted in Silk Road Film Festival and its going to be screened at the Festival.

Iranian director and film actress Soheila Golestani, who starred in “Today”, a drama that won several prizes at last year’s PÖFF, has in her debut production focussed on human relationships in the contemporary urbanised Iranian society which similarly to Western values is losing its humane side.
“Two” concentrates on a woman in her 40s who is hired to help Bahman (Parviz Parastui, one of the most known actors in Iranian cinema today) who has returned home from abroad. Bahman wants to sell his father’s house together with everything in it. The talkative woman wants to help the man in his busy life, but the man mostly just bluntly turns her down. The film slowly uncovers the reasons for their relationship having developed into what it now is.

Cast: Parviz Parastui, Mahtab Nasirpour, Sogol Khaligh, Mehraneh Mahintorabi, Mohammad Rabbani, Mostafa Zand, Sara Gharachedaghi, Esmaeil Gorji

Crew director : Soheila Golestani, writer: Soheila Golestani, visual effects designers: Behnam Khaksar, production manager: Mohammadreza Mansori, recordist: Mehran Malakouti, sound designing and synchronizing : Mani Hashemian, set and costume designer: Keyvan Moghaddam- Sara Samiee, makeup designer: Kamran Khalaj, music: Ali Ghamsari, editor: Hayedeh Safiari, director of photography: Peyman  Shadmanfar, producer: Parviz Parastouei.

“Two” will start screening from 27 Faburary in Art and Experience group.

Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) is held annually during 10 to 14 March in Dublin, Ireland.

The Festival celebrates cinema, culture and art, presenting films from regions, which were once part of the historical network of the Silk Road ancient trade routes and focuses in particular on Asian, Arab, Persian, African, Mediterranean and European cinema.