Art and Experience: Turner has pushed back the launch of FilmStruck — its subscription VOD service with hundreds of indie, foreign, classic and cult films — to November, citing the need to iron out kinks on the registration process.

Originally, the service, developed and managed by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in collaboration with the Criterion Collection, was slated to debut on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

“Just like the final stages of completing a film, this additional time will allow us to put the finishing touches on FilmStruck in order to bring you a premium service with beautifully curated content and the largest streaming library of world-renowned arthouse, indie, cult and foreign films,” TCM said in an email to users who had registered with the service. “Rest assured, we’re working hard to bring you the high-quality streaming movie service you’ve been waiting for.”

Turner did not provide a specific date in November when FilmStruck will be available.

Titles on FilmStruck are slated to include “Babette’s Feast,” “Blood Simple,” “Blow-Up,” “Breaker Morant,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Mad Max,” “Metropolis,” “Moulin Rouge,” “My Life as a Dog,” “Paths of Glory,” “The Player,” “A Room with a View,” “Seven Samurai,” “The Seventh Seal,” “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” “Stardust Memories,” “The Trip to Bountiful,” “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and “Woodstock.”

Starting Nov. 11, FilmStruck is scheduled become the exclusive streaming home to the Criterion Channel, offering what the companies say is the largest streaming collection of Criterion films available. With the FilmStruck deal, Criterion films are rolling off Hulu, which had been the exclusive streaming partner for Criterion’s library in the U.S. since 2011.

FilmStruck’s movies come from such indie studios as Janus Films, Flicker Alley, Icarus Films, Kino, Milestone, Zeitgeist, Film Movement, Global Lens, First Run Features, Oscilloscope Laboratories and Shout Factory, along with major studios including Warner Bros. and MGM.

The service, to be available only in the U.S. initially, will start at $6.99 per month (excluding the Criterion Channel). For $10.99 monthly, subs will get the baseline FilmStruck service plus the Criterion Channel. Turner also is offering an annual subscription of $99 per year for FilmStruck and the Criterion Channel.

FilmStruck tweeted news of the postponement on Tuesday:

Source: Variety