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 Iranian films “The Red Fire” and “Where We Come From” have won awards at the 3rd International Amity Short Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Where We Come From” by Jafar Altafi received the second prize of the festival as the organizers announced the winners last Monday.

The film is about a couple of teenagers who try to make a video clip in order to elevate their lives to a loftier status with a camera belonging to one of their fathers.

Directed by Mona Shahi, the animated film “The Red Fire” won the jury special award.

The movie tells the story the Darkness Demon, which has swept over the world, trying to fix the end of Light, unlike the earlier promises and prophecies. It is in such an era that a flock of Red birds travel in search of the Red Fire; a fire that according to the prophecies wipes out the blackness and puts an end to the constant eclipse and absence of the Sun. But where are they going to find the Red Fire?

“Le Syndrome d’Archibald” by Daniel Perez from France and “Da Yie”, a co-production between Ghana and Belgium by Anthony Nti, shared first prize.

“Le Syndrome d’Archibald” is about Archibald who was born with some curious curse: he can’t make a move without everyone around doing the same. Now a grown man, he robs a bank by despair and there, meets Indiana, a young woman who always has escaped every form of control.

The story of “Da Yie” is set on a sunny day in Ghana, where a foreigner approaches two children and takes them on an unexpected trip. The three of them get along so well that “Bogah”, the foreigner, starts to question his initial intentions.

Third prize went to “The Leak” Alberto Marchiori from Italy.

“The Leak” is about Maria who has always played the part of the caring mother and grandmother, which is what everyone expected from her. A simple question opens her eyes; she realizes that she needs an authentic friendship. For the first time, she asks for help.

The International Amity Short Film Festival also screened several other movies from Iran, including “The American Bull” by Fatemeh Tusi, “The Fosterless” by Sahar Jafarizad, “Gabriel” by Yousef Kargar, “Replacement” by Mojtaba Tahal and Jalal Mahdavi, “Behind the Glasses” by Mehdi Iravani, “Déjà vu” by Atefefeh Khademorreza and “Dummy” by Fatemeh Faal.

Source: Tehrantimes