Art and Experience: Iran-Afghanistan production ‘Parting’ directed by Navid Mahmoudi has been scheduled to go on screen at the Turkish cinema theaters.

The film was simultaneously presented at two international festivals, the Munich Film Festival in Germany and the Shanghai Film Festival in China, last month.

Narrating the story of suffering, the movie was introduced as the representative of Afghanistan to the 89th edition of the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

The movie has also gone on screen at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in October 2016 as well as the 21st edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala in India.

‘Parting’ tells the story of two young Afghans in love, Nabi and Fereshteh. Fereshteh leaves the country with her parents to seek refuge in Iran and Nabi is to seek a better life for his love. The love story fluctuates between reaching and separation.

It has gone on screen in about 40 countries so far, including the cinema theaters in Afghanistan, the US and Belgium.