Art and ExperienceTom Ford is not holding back on his thoughts about the upcoming election and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Named Out Magazine’s 2016 Artist of the Year for its annual OUT100 portfolio, the fashion designer-turned-director had a few choice words about Trump, saying, “Unfortunately, a lot of people are not educated enough to realize that he actually doesn’t have a plan, cannot even make a sentence, and that’s where we have failed as a country — through education.”

Ford, who’s mentioned before that he’s voting for Hillary Clinton, previously told CNBC that he’s “shocked” that Trump is even a candidate. “I think that he’s living in a post factual era. Nothing seems to matter. He can say things, do things,” he explained.

He also told Sky News that the fact that Trump has gotten as far is proof that our culture has “dumbed down.” “There was a time when any of the things he says would have killed a politician’s chances,” he said. “It’s absurd. What we’re going to do about it I don’t know — but it is a wake up call, and it’s very upsetting.”

At the end of this month Ford will release his second feature film, “Nocturnal Animals,” starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. The drama is among 2016’s most buzzed-about projects and has received rave reviews from critics. In his interview with Out, he also discussed the types of films he likes and how he’s often compared to Douglas Sirk.

“I like old-fashioned movies where people are more beautiful than they are in real life,” said Ford. “People keep comparing [my movies] to Douglas Sirk, and it was certainly never an intention — I find Sirk’s movies a little camp and melodramatic. However, I love them, and I know them all by heart, and I suppose I can be a little melodramatic. I like stories that are a little overblown like that, and I do like a lot of lacquer and polish on things.”

“Nocturnal Animals” arrives in theaters on November 23.

Source: indiewire