Art and Experience: Kambuzia Partovi, director of the acclaimed drama “Café Transit”, is competing in the 36th Fajr Film Festival with his latest movies “Truck” that recounts the story of a Yazidi woman who becomes homeless after the Iraqi ethnic and religious minority is attacked by Daesh forces in the summer of 2014.

“By this film, I intend to say that we could be good supporters for each other during hard times and giving the refugees shelter could be viewed as a practice of humanity,” he said in a press conference after a screening of his movie on Friday.

“We still witness everyday people who are losing their lives across the world as they are fleeing their homes under the fire of wars to take refuge in other countries,” he added

Partovi planned to shoot the film in Turkey a few years ago after he failed to receive the then cultural officials’ permission to make it in Iran. The plan was not fulfilled after he could not cover the cost of production.

Composer Milad Movahhedi used a woman singer of Kormanj, a group of Kurdish nomads mostly living in Khorasan Razavi Province and North Khorasan Province, to perform a song for the film.

“This song should have an orchestral ambiance to feature the depth of the grief suffered by the people in the region,” Movahhedi said at the press conference, but the singer was not named.

“I asked the Kurdish singer to improvise about loneliness and homelessness… and the major part of the theme music begins when the Yazidi woman and her family join a trucker on a journey,” he added.

“This song has frequently been redone by many Kurdish singers and is about a woman who is searching everywhere for her missing husband,” he stated and said, “This story is similar to the one that is narrated in the film.”

Source: Tehran Times