Art and Experience: Three movies by Iranian filmmakers have been selected to be screened at the Transylvania International Film Festival, which will open Cluj-Napoca, Romania on Friday.

“A Hairy Tale” by Homayun Ghanizadeh will be screened in the official competition of the event.

In the film, Danesh is in love with both cinema and Homa, a well-known actress. Kazem is in love with both the movie “Casablanca” and his barber shop’s certificate. Shapur is in love with both canned tuna and politics. The city is full of beggars while an earthquake may happen soon. Every now and then, the body of a dead woman, with head shaved, is found near the sea. As Inspector Kiani says: It’s a messy situation!

“Just 6.5” has been selected to screen in the Supernova section.

Directed and written by Saeid Rustai, the film shows the city brimming with drug addicts, many of whom are homeless. Samad, a member of anti-narcotics police, is looking for a drug kingpin, Nasser. After several operations, Samad manages to track him down at his penthouse. Later, when Nasser is executed and Samad is promoted, the policeman starts to wonder if all these arrests and executions have any effect on the society.

“The Unseen” directed by Behzad Nalbandi will be screened in the documentary competition.

When foreign dignitaries are expected in Tehran, the local authorities dedicate themselves to an “urban beautification” process which includes the rounding up of unsavory characters – drug addicts and prostitutes – from the streets. The men are released after a few days, but the women are kept as wards of the state in perpetuity. They are sent to holding centers on the outskirts of the city where no records are kept by the social workers.

This animated documentary attempts to give a voice to homeless women taken off the streets against their will, stripped of their rights and kept incarcerated until their death.

Source: Tehrantimes