Art and Experience: Official trailer for Iran film ‘Exhale’ directed by Arash Sanjabi has been revealed.

The film is about a man of 35 who has to attain a scholarship to study abroad. Negative mood has surrounded his mind and make him act like a patient who cannot exhale.

The cast members of the flick are Amed Rahimi-Nasr, Melika Sharifinia, Linda Kiani, Elahe Hesari, Narges Mohammadi, Habib Dehqan-Nasab, Mehrdad Ziaei, Azita Hajian and Behnam Tashakkor.

Co-produced by Mehdi Raeisi, Mohsen Jafari Qarqani and Saeid Ardehali, ‘Exhale’ started its public screening from early July at Art and Experience cinemas.

Source: ifilmtv