Art and Experience: Iranian director Oktay Baraheni’s debut film “Bridge of Sleep” will be screened at Regent Theatre, a venue for art-house films in Toronto, Canada on September 16.

Baraheni, producer Jahangir Kowsari and actor Hooman Seyyedi are scheduled to attend the screening, which will be followed by a review session, Baraheni’s publicist announced in a press release on Friday.

The script has been written by Baraheni based Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”.

It is about Shahab, who is about to get married. He enters a business deal along with his friend in order to help his financial situation. However, he loses all his money and finds himself in financial hardship. Creditors chase him after he fails to repay the high-interest loan he owes. His dad, a high school teacher, tries helping him but his fiancé puts pressure on him. As a result, Shahab decides to do something very unusual.

Source: Tehrantimes