Art and Experience: “Risk of Acid Rain” is the story of exile and being isolated of man in his surrounding in the modern society. Some of the philosophers and psychologists believe that solitude can be a place for referring back to yourself while it has possible painful dimensions. The idea is discussed that if solitude be understood in a right way can be an opportunity for being seen and analysis yourself and finally makes a calm, dignity and knowingness. This knowingness can have every result from happiness to sorrow or pain, anxiety or etc. or combination of all of these senses. Diving in solitude, intentionally or unintentionally, wanted or unwanted, following with achieving a more realistic understanding. Without considering that you like it or not but it make us far away from illusion and face us with reality.

“Risk of Acid Rain” directed by Behtash Sanaeeha is the narrative of eternal solitude. The point is that the film is not just the narrator of solitude of the characters of the story but it carries the shape and form of solitude too; in rhythm, color, framing and style of camera’s movement, also in the style of leading actors and the way of saying the dialogues and whatever shape the formic concept of the film, all of them are illustrators of solitude and senses around it. Theme of solitude of human being and the way of true honest and friendly communications in “Risk of Acid Rain” is floating in all of the spirit of the film. It seems that Behtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam during the process of writing the script have passed the trend of understanding the concept they wanted to make. All of them have caused that even composition of color in set designing and the filter used for showing the dirty and dead atmosphere of the hotel, or the kind of clothes, type and speed of camera’s movement, way of cutting shots and pace of editing, size of shots and minimum setting, the picture it gave from city and relations of characters with it, type of communication of three main characters with other people who just come and go in the story, and… all of them are in the serve of transferring sense of the film to the audience and they are setting beside each other like an orchestra to make a unique sound from tens of music instruments. Exactly like the characters of the film who forget their solitude while they are with each other.