Art and Experience: Documentary film “I’m Nasser Hejazi” by Nima Tabatabai will be on screen on Thursday, 28 February at 18:30 in Chaharsou complex with the presence of Nima Shahrokhshahi, film and television actress, Vahid Taleblo, Esteghlal team’s goal keeper, Mohsen Irannejad Rah Ahan team player as well as Atila Hejazi the chief child of Nasser Hejazi.

The documentary “I am Nasser Hejazi” is about the life and activity of the legend Iranian coach and goalkeeper Nasser Hejazi in five seasons named I have a dream, Last resistant man, Killing Sohrab, Esteghlal to Esteghlal and Flight of Eagle.
Cast and Crew: Director: Nima Tabatabayi, Scriptwriter:Khosrow Naghibi, Sound: Mohammad Mortezayi, Edit: Mehdi Mehrnia, Narrators: Shahab Hosseini, Bahram Radan, Parviz Paradtouyi, Masoud Rayegan, Mehran Modiri, Roya Taymourian, Producers: Amir Rafeiee, Mostafa Elmifard
The documentary “I am Nasser Hejazi” has been on screen since 13 December in Art and Experience group but it was canceled after one day of screening due to the protest of Amir Ghaleh Nooei’s deputy. After the pursuit of the director and the producer, the commandment of cancellation was off and the screening continued after  2nd January.