Art and Experience: Risk of Acid Rain has three main characters. Manouchehr, Mahsa, and Kaveh. All of these three characters reach together because of the story of one of them Manouchehr with acting of Shams Langroudi* in a hotel. Story of each of them pushes them to come to the hotel. Manouchehr is looking for a friend names Khosrow who hasn’t seen him for thirty years; Kaveh has no place for living and he lives in the hotel and Mahsa has ran away from psychological hospital and because of old friendship with Kaveh she could stay in the hotel. These three characters communicate with each other in this southern isolated hotel, they became friend and try to help to finish the other one’s story. So, we have three stories which one of them –Manouchehr’s story-is the main one and a three-person relationship but the point is that these three stories make one judgement toward film and the relationship between these three make another judgement. The relationship is lovely and fascinating. We cannot say that they are not attractive but their polishing is not good and it has holes which have damaged them to be believed or followed. Story of Manouchehr is never justified that why he has lost his close friend Khosrow when we see his routine life and why he follows him now. The lack of justifying and not convincing are not finished here and continue until the end. When Manouchehr sees his friend in a luxury car in front of his big company, he prefers to not visit him and he sells 30-year hope and expectation to a pre-judgement from far. His insist for finding his friend cannot define such an ending. In performance and directing Behtash Sanaeeha could show early steadiness and middle movement and excitement very well. His attempt to camera steadiness and steadiness in mis-en-scene in the beginning of the film and then after soft movements and making controlled visual variety have caused that Sanaeeha’s film becomes remarkable in directing and mis-en-scene in style. “Risk of Acid Rain” is not the film of story, not because it doesn’t want or its filmmakers couldn’t tell the story but because it doesn’t narrate the complete story but this is the film of atmosphere and relationship while the filmmaker did more successful in this part and softened generality of the film with creating good moments and atmosphere.

* Shams Langroudi: He is one of the most famous Iranian poets.