Art and Experience: The 3rd edition of film artists association of New York will screen three Iranian animated pieces, including ‘Balance’ by Barzan Rostami and ‘Alphabet’ by Kianoush Abedi, in its competition section.

‘Blows with the Wind’, directed by Hazhir As’adi, ‘Balance’ by Barzan Rostami, and ‘Alphabet’ by Kianoush Abedi, have made it into the competition section of the third edition of film artists association in New York, US.

The American film festival is scheduled for 11-13 October 2018.

‘Alphabet’ narrates the story of people who have forgotten life and are separated from knowledge and truth. The animation depicts a nation that has forgotten the alphabet to life, cannot see, cannot hear, and cannot speak, but the words are waiting for them impatiently.

‘Blows with the Wind’ is about a scarecrow that becomes human to escape from a series of some unpleasant events. On his way, he sees two other scarecrows whose conditions are worse than him. Now faced with a dilemma, he has to make a very difficult decision.

‘Balance’ tells the story of soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that the people of the city may live in peace.

Source: Mehrnews