Art and Experience: “They Were Six People” documentary has chosen for the 27th Ganjineh program on documentary channel of IRIB.

According to the public relations of documentary channel, top documentaries of 40s, 50s and 60s from Iranian documentary directors have been chosen for Ganjineh program and they are in the phases of repairing. This program will show “They Were Six People” documentary this week which has been made in center of Kermanshah and directed by Mohammad Hossein Malekzadeh.

This movie is about the story of 6 countryman and their work and life condition in Hawraman. Hawraman is a mountainous region located within the provinces of Kurdistan andKermanshah in western Iran and in north-eastern Iraq within Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. The inhabitants of Hawraman are Kurdish people that speak Hewrami. “They Were Six People” is a anthropology documentary about the inhabitants of Hajij village in Kermanshah beside the Sirwan River.

Ganjineh series will broadcast on Wednesday 16 March at 9 PM from documentary channel. The repeat will be on Thursday 17 March at 8 AM.