Art and Experience: “There Is Nothing Behind the Door” by Shabnam Orfinejad will be on screen of Art and Experience.

According to public relations of Art and Experience, the film will start screening from Wednesday 29 June at 7 PM in Farhang Cinema. The story is about the lives of several different women intertwine in Shabnam Orfinejad’s directorial debut. On one side is Leila, who, after receiving the order for custody of her daughter, makes her way to her husband’s apartment. When there is no response at his door, she begins to fear something is amiss. Meanwhile, a young thief pressures his sister into helping him rob her elderly employer, but her unwillingness to co-operate may jeopardise the whole plan. Told in a series of flashbacks, contradictory events run in parallel as each character tells their own version of events: stories of crime, punishment, broken homes and vicarious redemption.