Art and Experience: the documentary ” The Yellow Tale” was directed by Mohammad Abedi attended to the Houston International Sports Film Festival. According to Media Consultant, “The Yellow Tale ” directed by Mohammad Abedi has pictured lives and the passion of the fans for German team which is called Brussia Dortmund. The film is attended at the first annual Houston international sport film festival in America , which is held from 3rd to 6th of June 2021. The time of the film is 73 minutes, and the story is about several young Iranians who are surprisingly supporting the Brussia Dortmund football club , and gratefully speak their love out without any fear of being judged . Among them are some people who are ready to give up their lives for their favorite club just to see their lovely team is becoming successful .During the match time , they get together and miles away from the Germans Brussia Dortmund’s fans supporting their beloved club .
Mohammad Abedi demonstrated this special decent and strange kind of love with his camera and created a documentary film.
And here the cast and people who were involved in making this film are mentioned in below:

producer and director: Mohammad Abedi

Hossein Alavi,

Mohammad Ali Shabani

Parviz Davoudi,

Media consultant :
Zahra Safaee,

International Distributer:
Elaheh Godarzi

The Houston International Sports Film Festival “HISFF” aims to introduce the relationship between sports and life and close interaction between them , and also intended to provide opportunities for filmmakers to reflect their point of views and thoughts in the world. The festival is going to be held from 3rd to 6th of June 2021 in Houston, US .