Art and Experience: Iranian actress Golab Adineh was honored with a certificate at the Brooklyn Film Festival on Sunday for her role in “Sis” directed by Marjan Ashrafizadeh.

She won one of the seven Certificates of Outstanding Achievement at the event, which was held in the U.S. Borough of New York City from June 2 to 11.

The film is about Tala and Ati (Sis), a mother and daughter who have lived together for many years. This relationship, however, does not last forever, and the days of separation finally arrive.
Earlier in April, Adineh won the best actress award for her role in “The Sis” at the 7th Beijing International Film Festival.

Actor Josh Helman also was among the winners of the certificate for his role “Kate Can’t Swim”.

“Lupe under the Sun” by Rodrigo Reyes from the U.S. won the Grand Chameleon Award and also was named Best Narrative Feature at the festival.