Art and Experience: Iranian documentary ‘The Rock’ directed by Hamid Jafari has been accepted into the screening program of 15th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival in Estonia.

‘The Rock’ is a 25-minute documentary which narrates the story of a woman who lives nearby the South Western city of Ramhormoz. Everyday, she goes to the mountain with a sledgehammer and a crowbar in hand to smash and break the rocks so that she can sell them to provide for her family.

So far, ‘The Rock’ has had several screenings in international festivals which include Switzerland’s Visions Du Reel, Britain’s Hot Docs, Netherland’s IDFA and France’s Silhouette and has won various awards from national and international festivals.

The 15th installment of Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, as one of the renowned and respected festivals in the film world, will take place in Tallin, the capital of Estonia, from September 20 to September 24, 2017.

Source: Mehrnews